01. Sneaking Around

I can't go on, Thinking about you
But I'm not that strong, To walk away from you

I just slip into the night, Staying out of sight
I'm a dedicated man, Except for loving you

I know it's wrong, But I can't make it right
I hate myself for loving you, Got guilt  for being untrue

Girl you're so addictive, Lord don't you realize
Girl can't get you outta my mind

I slip on into the night, Sneaking around with you

We fulfill our needs, Through each other
There's things we want, We can't get at home

That keeps me running to your arms, Like a smoking fire alarm
But there's a price to pay, If we're found out

Because were not in love, We're just getting it on
That's a chance I'll take with you, Whenever you want me to

You gotta understand I will never be your man
Never tell me that you love me or I will set you free
I beg you darling please I'm only flesh and blood
I'm weakened by your tender touch and left limping on this lovers crutch.
You left me limping on this lovers crutch

02. Smiling

Whenever I feel real love
But no words to speak
You know I will be smiling at you girl
Tout C'est Magnifique ( everything is wonderful)

I could never fall in love
With anyone but you
You Spark my imagination
give me levitation

Because it's so taboo
With a little groove we can make it swing
It all depends on what you bring
Your moves your soul Your whole attitude

No matter what they throw at you, Be a rubber ball
Don't spend your life crying to the world

For your curtain call,
I will never understand

The pity party Fool,
Who drowns in exploitation Looking for salvation

From the apathetic Pool,
I'm gonna keep on smiling

Let the music play and take you away

03. Always Be My Girl

There you are looking fine
Walking the street where you lost your mind
Will you find inner peace

Lights go dark streets grow dim
The last trick is out just to lure you in
For the love and money

Love is fine like a candy treat
Too much love make it sickly sweet to swallow
We had our time and there's no doubt
You did things to me that make me shout you're crazy

You always thought you never had enough
Couldn't get happy with what you had
Sometimes you just got to run away

Love is such a funny thing
You got a treat it with respect like a diamond ring
Sometimes it's better just to pawn it baby

You got to look inside to find your soul
The mirrors gonna lie to you every time you search for truth
Keep your blame it's all the same
Miseries the cost when you lose the game of loving you

Am I wasting time with you
On the thought that you will always be my girl
Are you gonna be my girl?   

04. Certified Fool

I sometimes wonder why
Love can be so
Tell you lies and promises
Treat you like an April Fool

I don't know how long I can face It
Without your love Lord knows I'll replace it

When love comes around

Fools ask forgiveness
I can testify
Turn around and walk on you
Leave you with their lies

I don't know how long I can fake it
I'm standing here with my soul lost and naked

I'm a certified fool baby, that let you fade away

When love came around
I'm a wanderlust fool baby, that walked away from you
When love came around

Love grows from love
Nurtured by the heart
Torn away by deception
Carried in by lust

I don't know how long I can fake it
I'm standing here with my soul lost and naked

If our love was on fire
I'd let it burn right to the ground
If our love was a deep well
I'd die of thirst before I would drink

05. Walk Away

Our love is slipping through the sands of time
No love could ever stay sublime
We filed a motion to sever these ties
Barring any emotions that rise

I don't understand how everything went wrong
We never fought we always got along
Baby please go away
I'm begging you please go away

Loves like an ocean with a rising tide
Knowing how it always subsides
Were left with numbness yet a will to survive
Time to lose this jealousy and pride

I'm gonna walk on without your love
I'll make it through the fire
I'm going to walk on without your love
I'm calling you a liar

I'm going to laugh right through your pantomime
This time I'm going to draw the line
I won't be fooled by your clever disguise
Whatever you've become I despise

06. Nothin' But A Bum

After all I've done to you
Before you walk away
And leave me for the fool I am
Tell me straight
I ain't nothing but a lonely man
Who turned away and left you
Led you astray...

And I've been beating my head against the wall
Looking for a way to take the fall
Hang on baby she said, nothing last forever

Standing in the cold pouring rain
On the corner where we met
With memories of the love we had
Playing in my head

I ain't nothing but a bum
When it comes to making you happy
All I ever wanted
What's to feel a little love inside

07. Love Breakdown

Well I don't care who's  loving you
Losing everything let the truth be told
Baby my heart is cold
Filled with loneliness it's lost it's soul

Time doesn't slip away just to ease the pain
Memories all but fade save for rainy days
Our love was deep to me
No Ocean deeper to sail away

Baby how you gonna get around
Baby when the love breaks down

You can only wipe your feet on a doormat
So many times before you track in the mud
I'm leaving I ain't coming back
I'm through playing this sad sack

What are you going to do when you're old and faded
And you wake up and realize even your wrinkles are jaded
It's too late to turn around
That kind of loss is so profound

I've done everything but walk away
I've licked my wounds and stuck around for more
I don't think you even realize
When I'm gone this time baby it's for sure

08. Taunted

Let the night begin Bet the horse to win
Let the heat buildup knowing I can feel it warming you
Let the night slowdown leave your hangups on the ground
It's time to get down to the heart of things

And baby you don't know how it's been
Holding on to loving you
I'm haunted by this melody
Taunted by this jealousy
Your sirens a sweet song
Luring a fool like me  . Why you got to hurt me so?

Tonight's the night for love taken off the gloves
I'm gonna turn it up apply the pressure where you hunger most
Drive you out of your mind I'm going to keep the rhythm in time
Honey ecstasy's not far from here

When you lost me I was loving you
I was tender feeling so alone
I can't face the truth when love Hangs like a noose
I just keep loving you. And all you do is keep it loose

09. Hardest Thing To Do

Ain't nothing but a good thing
Gonna to turn this love around
Ain't nothing but a heartache
Gonna tare a strong man down
I don't know how many tears are going to fall
I've been drowning I've been sinking to the bottom of it all

Love on the rocks baby
This affairs on shaky ground
Cry so much at times
The tears just never let up
I don't know how this love is ever going to grow
The seeds were sewn with passion such a long time ago

It's the hardest thing I can do
Walk away from loving you
It's a love that takes all I got
Being bound by this lovers knot

I stand accused
It's true I lit your fuse
I tried to find the passion
With nothing left to lose
I don't why all we do is cry and ball
It's got me down so low I can't even begin to crawl

10. Misunderstood

I've been howling softly
Stalking through the night
I've been beaten through the bushes baby
I curse the morning light

I was held up for ransom
Stolen from love
I was lost in the search light
Drowned in the flood

It's so cold without your loving
I'm frozen to the bone
I listen to the preacher
On his megaphone 

You're going to hell my son
You know that your souls no good
You're going to hell my son
Damned if I do or I don't
I'm just misunderstood

I'm banging my head against a brick wall
I'm beating a dead horse behind the eight ball
In between a rock and a hard place
I'm unfit for your love unfit for the Chase

I'm on a last ditch effort to clear my name
I'm gonna lay my cards down and walk away from shame
My hearts cold blooded my eyes bloodshot
They'll be hell to pay tomorrow if you want tie that lovers not

It's just another thing that you hold onto
Your reputation's got weight
Baby it's your beast to bare
Coming on so strong
But you can change that fate

11. Cheatin' Soul

Baby you've been haunting me
I've finally got my life all figured
I've been moving on to where the love Lorn go   
It's been a while since I've been holding on

To the thought of loving you     
Cause baby you've got a cheatin soul
Yes you do

I take the long way home every night
It gives me time so I can think about you
I watch the headlights pass me by
I'm blinded by the love and the lies you tell

You weave your wicked spell
Cause baby you've got a cheatin soul
Yes you do

You tell me you're working late
And not to wait up for you
No matter how hard I try
I can't keep you satisfied

To the thought of loving you
Cause baby you've got a cheatin soul
Yes you do