01. She wanted Love (she got me instead)

I remember when I first laid eyes on this lost and lonely girl
She was sitting in the corner waiting for her prince to come
I strolled right up to her and said oh this must be love I'm feeling

Right then and there I saw a sparkle in her eye
That flame grew wild as I buttered her with lies
I sealed the deal that night with a kiss held on her lips so tight

She wanted love, she got me instead / She wanted love, she got me instead

I did all I could to break her heart
She should have known I was trouble right from the start
That's all, she wanted love
That's enough to make a young girl crazy

Next morning she woke up talking about our wedding plans
Living the perfect life and loving the perfect man
Girl I must object, if my wife finds out she'll break my neck

She chased me out the door with a big ole butcher knife
I was thinking to myself as I was running out the door
I tend to stretch the truth with a belly full of 90 proof

Woo-wu- oo- won't you testify the reason why I,I, I loved you
Woo-wu-oo- it's hard every time I see your face I,I, I'm cryin

02. The Boxer (Street Diploma)

Is that all that you got. Deep down in your heart
Sing me a song, A simple melody
I can't hold on to the feelings that escape me
This hole in my heart, keeps them pouring out

I'm letting go of the melody inside, This song won't sing itself without another rhyme
Before I get lost and lonely wondering how to survive, My soul don't cry like my ol' heart

I feel a song.
I got to sing to you
My love for you is hurting
When you do me like you do
This has all been said before
But I'll say it once again
The final bows when the curtain calls
And the crowd screams out your name
As soon as Jesus fell out of fashion
The sinners came when they lost the attraction
Even though theres no love
You knocked me out like a boxer
The first impression you gave to me.
You came around like the main attraction
Even though theres no words
You knocked me out like a boxer
You quickly turned my world around in vain
A helpless fool who couldn't manage the danger
Even though there's no blood
You knocked me out like a boxer.

03. Boddhisattva Blues (Street diploma)

I took off for the horizon looking for love when I saw the Phoenix rising from the sky above
She wasn't heavy she was divine, She looked like angel even to the blind
The dharma I put out there as some kind of truth, came hurling back at me as wild karmic proof
Maya brought me the temptress with platform boots, she offered me the garden of her forbidden fruits

Take me out to the hollow tree. Bleed me out of my pain and misery.

I searched all over for the bodhisattva, for the promise of enlightenment and all that got me
I read all the dead poets verse by verse, words that started out with rhymes ended with a curse
I talked with old sages who babbled of the ages, I screamed my god, theres more than dues and wages
I climbed the Himalayans to find my guru, meditated peacefully with visions of Vishnu

Meet me out by the bodhi tree. Meditate away my pain and misery.

04. Listen To The Music

I felt the warmness of your loving hands, Touching my soul
A deep faith in your love has got me on my knees, And I feel the presence
My cup is flowing over like cherry wine, Grown in the sunshine
With deep roots in the toiled fields of Oklahoma, 

I felt the warmness of your love / Won't you listen to the music / Sweet harmony

There's nothing you could ever lose but fear / When you give it all away
Let loose with love and spread it all around / All over the world now

Turn your love inside out / And we'll all be as one
Like wave and the water & the birds that fly up to the cloud line

I felt the warmness of your love / Won't you listen to the music / Sweet harmony
I taste the nectar of your love / Come and listen to the music / Sweet harmony

Listen to the music / Let go, let the music move you

05. Stay (Street Diploma)

I watched the flame dance in your eyes, Brighter than that moonlight glow

Last night a candle flickered while we sipped honey watermelon liqueur
We sat up till the break of dawn and watched the darkness fade away

I felt you touching me, Softer than a subtle breeze

I woke up Sunday morning and it's to cold to leave the bed that's burning
We'll light up a crackling fire and let the love light shine

Darling don't take away the memory of last night
Baby things are always changing right when you want them to stay
We won't be here very long , time will pass while love stays strong.

Baby stay with me a while, Remember how it was last night

I just held you all night long while we drank the wine away
I told you when the morning comes everything would be ok

So why don't you stay? why don't you stay?
I'll make love to you all day long

06. Passing of Time

Old songs they played so right, You and I were so tight girl
Ah honey those were the days, I remember most of all

Looking back now seems oh so close now, There's a humming in my head
From all the wasted kisses, And promises that lay dead

Ooh  love is all I see / Ooh it's a mystery

The passing of time / Keeps me longing for your loving

Sneaking out pass curfew like some prison break, You and me in the back seat you giving me all I could take
While a gentle lovers moon weeps, As Times Square steals his light

Those old Jersey diners where we would sober up, They were neon beacons in the dead of night
We would smoke our cigarettes and talk real cheap, About breaking out someday

Ooh missed opportunity / Ooh the things we threw away

Through the passing of time, That keeps me longing for your loving
The passing of time, It keeps me longing for your loving

Somehow through the years love never worked out right, Maybe it was you, maybe it was something in me
Ah baby, I guess I'll never know, But I wonder do you think about me

07. Heartaches Always Go Away

I caught your finger pointing where it shouldn't be you know we've been wrong before
She'll never see it coming but she knows it has to end we've been avoiding it this long
Waiting for this song to end never gets where you want when your hurting like you do

Ooh ooh - don't you know heartaches always go away?

Tried to tell you all those things that didn't work for me you just laughed and never listened
Now it's come to this and we won't lament for long baby girl all things must pass
Time to let it go away it can never be right again so we got to say goodbye

Ooh ooh - don't you know heartaches always go away

Stop whatcha doing, what kind of fool was he to break your heart with his fooling around
Stop can you tell me what kind of fool is he to break your heart with his running around

08. Sweet Country Air

I lie in my bed at night
Thinking about the sweet smell of flowers in the garden
I let you go away to the country
While I stayed in New York City, now I'm missing all the sweet country air

Way back home where the long grasses grow
There's a place I know where time moves so slow

I guess I better run to you
The country air is calling me
You know I'm going to make love all day
In the summer sun with you

I can't take this city summer heat
You know I'm going to run to you the country air is calling me

This city life is hard on me
There's not a friendly face to offer me some comfort when I'm lonely
If it's not enough to make you love me
Then it's enough to make me move away to the country

It's time to let love find a way
Let the fruit ripen on the vine

09. Can Love Survive?

Sometimes you hurt me when your weak, It makes you feel so strong
You like to hit below the below the belt, Just to elevate your point of view
But your verbal darts they always poison good intentions

How long can we love like this, Can love survive like this?
Tell me why would you want to live like this

You like to lock horns play with thorns, Anything that bleeds is old and worn
Tempting fate like lambs in wait, You lead yourself to slaughter
Then call the governor for your stay of execution

I was the fool who somehow believed, Things aren't always often as they seem
Your street diploma keeps you safe, In your masquerade avoiding fate
But your sophomore psychology it leaves you wide open

You know you can't go on like this, we just cry cry cry, In the end we bleed like this, we're bled dry dry dry

Do do- do do- doo yea, Why would you want to live like this?

10. Tough Girl

New York girls are the hardest to talk to, I'm talking downtown girls not the uptown girls, Riding downtown trains
Give me a girl out in Brooklyn, Manhattan Jersey or Queens it's alright with me, Every subway stop there's a party
Their getting off and getting on to the sounds of the radio - oh oh

Man I dig those girls out in the projects, They stake their corners while the boys bang their heads, Man I dig those girls in New York City 

They'll cut you deep just to watch you bleed, Even though she's never sorry, She'll cry a million tears just to watch you drown

Oh yea, looking for a tough girl

New York girls act like nothing really matters, When the boys in the crowd start to chatter, Hey baby why don't you come over here, I gots a place for you to sit down

She just looks to them and says, Baby you know I get so lonely, But your not the one I am going home with

Oh yea, I thought you understood  I wanted a tough girl

8th ave and west Broadway Tompkins Square and Ave A, Soho and Central Park Coney Island after dark

I thought you understood.  I wanted a tough girl.

11. Today Girl

I was nailed to the cross took a wise man to know it, I was sheltered from the frost through warmth of your warming
Even with these brutal scars

I walked around with this hurt on my shoulders, Even with love we had we went no further
Baby don't you mess with my heart

But today girl I'm over you, I went away girl as far as I could.
To see the light girl shinning again in your eyes

I love you baby but your so bad, I'd even swear on the bible of the love we had, You smear my name on the bathroom wall
It said for a good time you know who to call. And that was the boys room

But today girl I'm over you. I went away girl as far as I could. To see the light girl shinning again in your eyes

I know we're wrong together, But every moment were separated brings the pain, Of loving you again.

12. Crash Through The Love

Baby where have you been, I got love in my heart, 
And it's something that so strong, It can only tear me apart

It's driving me hard, Baby loves all that matters, She said and left with Tino, Tino you are my brother
Now I'd stick my knife in you

And loves driving me hard

I need to fall in love, And hide my inhibition, Crash through love, Surrender intuition, Blinded love
Makes true love seems so pointless, Like your going though the motions

I'll be there when reflections fade, And the night falls into dark, I can feel your nervous touch, I can feel your breath on mine

And loves driving me hard

Your eyes sparkle like stars in winter, Underneath the moons pure glow, I'll pass with you straight into the light, Like the subway lights up the station

And loves driving me hard

I need to fall in love, And hide my inhibition, Crash through love, Surrender intuition, Blinded love
Makes true love seems so pointless, Like its nothing but emotion

Better days are left uncertain, To fall in love with a whore, Now that's what I call passion, Maybe I'll find someone new....... And I

I need to fall in love, And hide my inhibition, Crash through love, Surrender intuition, Blinded love
Makes true love seems so pointless, Like your going though the motions

13. The Best of Times

There you smile like I remembered you
Now that we've grown  I still love you baby
More then I'd ever want to lose
It's just the thought of losing you that breaks me up inside

And I don't want to be broke inside
Because the pain down low
Would be greater than the love I've known

I remember the good times
Baby when you held me tight/ baby it was all alright
Those were the best of times
If they could only last forever / making sweet love all night

Here we are still together
As time flies by it's growing deeper
Deeper then words could ever say
It's just the thought of losing you
That breaks me up inside

Oo I've been loving you
Far too long to forget about you